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take a look at my trailer

2011-08-20 22:04:24 by rubikks

I'm currently working on a little top down shooter in game maker, and I've just uploaded a trailer for it as well as a link to the DL. Cool people leave likes and comments.
Btw, it IS in game maker, so the final product won't be browser based. It'll have to be downloaded. Sorry!

And before I forget, here's the link to the trailer: RaYo
(I don't know why, the embedding process didn't work well)

take a look at my trailer

seriously betrayed

2010-09-04 19:25:08 by rubikks

Go check out the art tab on my profile to view the newest episode of outbreak comix, "betrayal." We're going to learn something VERY interesting in the next episode, so be prepared.

I've got the picture uploading worked out, so here is my funny picture of the blog

seriously betrayed

a cause for celebration!

2010-09-01 17:47:09 by rubikks

So I'm not really the type of guy who really sticks to things very often, which makes it very exciting for me that outbreak comix is still going strong after ten episodes, which is twenty times farther than any other comic I've ever made went! All in all, I just want to let you guys in on my excitement, and let you know that the comic will be updated every Wednesday and Sunday, and I really appreciate it if you've been taking the time to read my comic, you deserve a gold star if you do!

I'd like to include a humorous picture for you guys to end this blog post, but I'm experiencing tech difficulties, so maybe next time.

snazzy new logo!

2010-08-31 11:51:53 by rubikks

just made a new animated logo for my comic - it isn't on the portal yet cuz nobody scouted me, so If you'd do that for me, I'd be real grateful

snazzy new logo!

so I recently started uploading my web comic (also available on facebook and comic fury) here to the NG art portal. Problem is, they're my first uploads, so I have no clue what I'm supposed to do. I think all the uploads went through fin, cuz you can see them on my account page, but they aren't showing up on the portal. Is it because I haven't been scouted yet? if so, I truly would be grateful if you'd scout me, but not out of pity. I'd like it to be because you genuinley enjoy reading my comic.

I guess I'll upload a picture really quick just to lighten the mood a bit.

I could use some help getting started...

for those of you who are avid users of the art portal, you may have noticed an interesting easter egg involving the rating filters. If you turn each of them off(or on, depending on how you think), all of the thumbnails turn into a wierd series of puzzle pieces. I just recently took them into MS paint, and solved the whole thing

the newgrounds portal puzzle SOLVED!